Tes Shea, Artist, Instructor and Entreprenuer


Many artists will tell you that they are inspired by nature. I’d like to take that one step farther.  I am in awe of nature! For me everything is a result of the Love of the Creator for the created! Any talent I have is because He has bestowed it upon me. I get to enjoy the gift. If you enjoy the finished item, I am doubly blessed. 

Art has always been more of a hobby, making gifts for family and friends. Occasionally, doing commission work.

That is until discovering metal clay. I was introduced to metal clay at the Las Vegas Glass & Bead show in 2009, it was shortly afterward, with the help of a couple of dear friends Metal Clay Today e-zine was founded. 

I am a certified Art Clay World Senior Instructor, past Senior Editor of Metal Clay Today, and Facilitator and Webmaster of the Instructors Network. Bringing the love of metal clay, fused glass, fiber arts and entrepreneurship to others gives me joy. As the saying goes…”Give a man a fish, you feed him for a day.  Teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime.”

Metal Clay comes in so many different forms and varieties you’ll have a hard time deciding which one is your favorite. You are invited to join me on this journey!

Visit Metal Clay Today for more information.

My work has been featured in The Crafts ReportGlass Pattern Quarterly and Fired Arts and Crafts magazines.

As artists, we bring a beauty into the world that can only balance the more negative or ugly things that we all deal with everyday.  You’re art will help to inspire your own family for generations to come.  The ring, pendant, brooch, lamp, you create will become a cherish heirloom! And while we are at the business of art we will be making friends that will nurture and propel us into things we create art we can imagine and do! 

Let’s take these first steps together, whether your interest is in create art or selling your art.  

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